by Osato

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Contains elements of "Secret" by Out Of Eden (Gotee Records).
Produced by Osato.
Mixed and Mastered by DJ Gent



The Son shine bright when the light’s off/
Turn on your flashlight when the night’s on/
Uh, we the stars in the sky homes/
And it’s lookin like that time/
So we let our lights shine, yeah shine on/
So we let our lights shine, yeah shine on/
So we let our lights shine, yeah shine on/
So we let our lights shine, yeah shine on on/

Verse 1

I got a fam notorious for showin out/
The new Mickey Mouse club, stars rollin out/
This COOGI in the flesh, yeah you know we loud/
Don’t need a paperweight come check out how we hold it down/
I got a new heart, my old one was runnin slow/
It was stubble, but the new models come in gold/
And God can change yours too, this is what I know/
My Dad’s a doctor, sorta like a huxtable/
From Nigeria, we reppin to the USA/
Look how the light in here’s affectin what we do and say/
The Holy Spirit unifies so all the crew the same/
That there is a plus, good student’s grade/
No bowing out now, be down to stand tall/
Go ahead promote the King, print the flyers and all/
Halftime at homecoming, the entire band’s on/
You got the chest of Tony Stark, get your Iron Man on, just shine/

verse 2

I’ve never seen street lights at 12 noon turned on/
So don’t get mad if you the light and you’re placed in the dark/
There’s a reason you still talking to your friend that’s unsaved/
And it ain’t for you to cover your flame/
Act like you at the ortho, open up your mouth and say ah/
Matter of fact you be the dentinst, give them fillings of our God/
How He promise to stay with us, going on these root canals/
In the end He’ll glorify us, we’ll be polishin them crowns/
We astonishin the crowds, they don’t get it why we pray/
They don’t understand the joy we feel when God is in the place/
Yeah, the sky’s extra blue, everyday it stay that way/
But that sin is extra cloudy, call it 50 shades of gray/
Grace, Faith, Jesus Christ, man that’s all we talking/
So we singin on them keys, well, minus Liberacci/
And we following the model like a red carpet paparazzi/
Camera flash, look at what He got me, let it shine/


released September 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Osato Arlington, Texas

Suburbs. Family. College. Not the typical rapper background, but Osato is anything but the typical rapper. With clever lyrics and ear-tantalizing tracks, Osato creates music that entertains, encourages, and enlightens every listener.

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